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What We Sell

Cigars - Cigarettes - Pipe Tobacco - Gifts and Accessories

Cigars and Tobacco Products

Here at Cigars On Main, all of our products are carefully chosen--the best of the best.  Cuban, Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan, you name it. We carry the most popular, iconic cigars on earth. Cohiba, Montecristo, and Macanudo are just a few of our best-sellers.


Cigars are essential to what we do, but that's not all. We carry cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and other artisanal items. We also do custom orders and we will help you find exactly what you are looking for, and at a great price.

Vapes and E-Juice

Mods - Tanks - Kits - Accessories

We always carry the best vapes on the market. When it comes to something you use every day, you need a quality product. That's why we carry the most trusted brands like Smok, Aspire, and Elixir. 


We have the knowledge and the know-how to get you set up with a new vape and have it ready to use before you walk out the door!

Herbal Vaporizers

Wax - Concentrates - Ground Material

We carry all kinds of products to get you using your materials without the harmful effects of combustion. Due to popular demand, we carry Yocan products, G-Pens, and all kinds of ways to get into vaporization on a budget.

Vaporizing uses less material and doesn't burn it, making it a healthier, cheaper, and easier alternative to smoking!

Glassware and Accessories

Grinders - Bongs - Pipes - Oil Rigs - Tools

Some hobbies require the right gear to be enjoyed at their full potential. At Cigars On Main, we always have tons of new and interesting products that you will surely be excited to take home and try out!

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